Article 1. General Provisions

§4-101  Falls City Code  §4-103

Article 1. General Provisions
For the purpose of promoting the
health and safety of the residents of the Municipality, the Board
of Health shall, from time to time, adopt such rules and
regulations relative thereto and shall make such inspections,
prescribe such penalties, and make such reports as may be necessary
toward that purpose. (Ref. 17-121 RS Neb.)
§4-102 HEALTH; ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL. The Municipal Police Chief
shall be the health officer of the Municipality. It shall be his
duty to notify the Mayor of health nuisances and of every case of
contagious, infectious, or malignant disease. The Chief of Police
shall act as the Secretary for the Board of Health and shall
regularly report to the State Department of Health all reportable
diseases which have occurred. (Ref. 17-121 RS Neb.)
§4-103 HEALTH; COUNTY HEALTH BOARD. It shall be the duty of the
Board of Health to work closely with the County Health Board in
protecting the health and welfare of the residents of the