Article 5. Parks

§3-501 Falls City Code §3-504

Article 5. Parks
The Municipality
owns and operates the Municipal Parks and other recreational areas
through the Board of Park Commissioners. The Governing Body, for
the purpose of defraying the cost of the care, management, and
maintenance of the Municipal Park may each year levy a tax not
exceeding the maximum limit prescribed by State law, on the actual
valuation of all real estate and personal property within the
corporate limits that is subject to taxation. The Board shall have
the authority to adopt rules and regulations for the efficient
management of the Municipal Parks and other recreational areas of
the Municipality. (Ref. 17-948 through 17-952 RS Neb.)
unlawful for any person to maliciously or willfully cut down,
injure, or destroy any tree, plant, or shrub. It shall be unlawful
for any person to injure or destroy any sodded or planted area, or
injure or destroy any building, structure, equipment, fence, bench,
table, or any other property of the Municipal Parks and
recreational areas. No person shall commit any waste on or litter
the Municipal Parks or other public grounds.
§3-503 MUNICIPAL PARKS; HOURS: Municipal parks within the City of
Falls City shall be open to the public for use from 5:00 a.m. to
11:00 p.m. or until 30 minutes following an activity authorized by
the City at that park. The municipal parks shall be closed to the
public at all other times. Campers who have registered with the
City at Stanton Lake shall be exempt from this time restriction.
It shall be unlawful for any person to enter, remain, or be in any
municipal park during the hours the same is closed except as
authorized above or as authorized by special resolution of the City
Council or the Park Board.
(Added by Ord.96-125)
§3-504 MUNICIPAL PARKS; BICYCLES: During the period commencing on
May 1 through and ending on August 1 of any given year, no person
shall ride a bicycle in Dallas Jones Memorial Park. Any person in
possession of a bicycle while on the Park property of Dallas Jones
Memorial Park during this period shall walk said bicycle until it
is parked or otherwise removed from the Park. (Ord. #98-106; Ord.