Article 2. Library

§3-201 Falls City Code §3-203

Article 2. Library
Municipality owns and operates the Lydia Bruun Memorial Library
through the Library Board. The Governing Body, for the purpose of
defraying the cost of the management, purchases, improvements, and
maintenance of the Library may each year levy a tax not exceeding
the maximum limit prescribed by State law, on the actual valuation
of all real estate and personal property within the Municipality
that is subject to taxation. The revenue from the said tax shall
be known as the Public Library Fund and shall include all gifts,
grants, deeds of conveyance, bequests, or other valuable income producing
personal property and real estate from any source for the
purpose of endowing the Municipal Library. The Library Fund shall
at all times be in the custody of the Municipal Treasurer. The
President of the Library Board shall draw vouchers on the Library
Fund and when countersigned by the Secretary shall be honored by
the Municipal Treasurer. The Board shall have the power and
authority to appoint the librarian and to hire such other employees
as they may deem necessary and may pass such other rules and
regulations for the operation of the Library as may be proper for
its efficient operation. All actions by the Board shall be under
the supervision and control of the Governing Body. (Ref. 51-201,
51-202, 51-211 RS Neb.)
Board shall establish rules and regulations for the governing of
the Municipal Library for the preservation and efficient management
thereof. They shall fix and impose by general rules, penalties and
forfeitures for injury to the Library grounds, rooms, books, or
other property, or for failure to return a book. All fees,
penalties, and forfeitures may be collected in civil action in the
event of failure, neglect, or refusal to pay the said assessments.
(Ref. 51-205, 51-214 RS Neb.)
§3-203 MUNICIPAL LIBRARY; BOOK REMOVAL. It shall be unlawful
for any person not authorized by the regulations made by the
Library Board to take a book from the Library, without the consent
of the Librarian, or an authorized employee of the Library. Any
person removing a book from the Library without properly checking
it out shall be deemed to be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ref. 51-
211 RS Neb.)
§3-204 MUNICIPAL LIBRARY; COST OF USE. The Municipal Library
shall be free for the use of the inhabitants of the Municipality.
The Librarian may exclude from the use of the Library and reading
rooms any person who shall willfully violate or refuse to comply
with the rules and regulations established for the government
thereof. (Ref. 51-201, 51-212 RS Neb.)
§3-205 MUNICIPAL LIBRARY; MONEY COLLECTED. Any money collected
by the Library shall be turned over monthly by the Librarian to the
Municipal Treasurer along with a report of the sources of
the revenue. (Ref. 51-209 RS Neb.)
Board shall have the power to authorize any circulating library,
reading room, music, music records, or works of art to be deposited
in the Municipal Library to be drawn or used outside of the rooms
only on the payment of such fee as the exhibitor or owner may
require in the agreement with the Library Board. Books or other
matter so deposited shall be separately and distinctly marked and
kept upon shelves apart from the other property of the Library.
Each item so deposited shall be subject to use within the Municipal
Library by any resident of the Municipality without charge.
shall, on the second (2nd) Monday in June of each year make a
report to the Governing Body on such matters as may be required by
the Governing Body concerning the condition of the Library as of
the first (1st) day in June of each year. The Board shall make
such additional reports as the Governing Body may request from time
to time.
may make a donation of money, land, or other valuable property for
the benefit of the Municipal Library, and the title to the property
donated shall vest in the Library Board. The Board shall thereby
become the owner thereof in trust for the use of the Municipal
Library. Such property shall thereupon be exempt from taxation.
The President of the Library Board shall have the power to
release, upon full payment, any mortgage constituting a credit to
the Public Library Fund outstanding in the name of the Library
Board, and the signature of the President on any such release shall
be authenticated by the Secretary of the Board. The President and
Secretary, upon resolution duly adopted and passed by the Board,
may grant extensions, or provide for renewal of mortgages held by
the Library.