Article 1. Sales and Advertising

§10-101   Falls City Code   §10-104

Article 1. Sales and Advertising
§10-101 PEDDLERS AND HAWKERS; REGULATION. To prevent the sale
of fraudulent, dangerous, and unhealthful goods and services, and
to protect the public by maintaining records of the products sold
and the persons and companies responsible for such sales, all
peddlers, and hawkers shall, before doing business within the
Municipality, register with the Municipal Clerk. The registration
forms, supplied by the Clerk shall contain all the necessary
information required for the protection of the residents of the
Municipality. (Ref. 17-134, 17-525, 17-562 RS Neb.)
§10-102 PEDDLERS AND HAWKERS; EXCEPTIONS. Nothing herein shall
be construed to apply to any person, or persons, selling produce
raised within the county, to wholesale salesmen soliciting
merchants directly, to permanent residents of the Municipality, or
to salesmen invited by a resident of the Municipality to solicit
orders only from that resident. (Ref. 17-134 RS Neb.)
§10-103 SALES; USE OF PUBLIC PROPERTY. No person shall place,
set out, hang, or keep merchandise, produce, novelties, boxes, or
other materials on any street, sidewalk, or alley except
temporarily for the purpose of loading or unloading such articles
that are to be delivered to or taken from a house, store, or
building on such street, sidewalk, or alley.
§10-104 HANDBILLS; PROHIBITION. It shall be unlawful for any
person to scatter or throw any handbills, dodgers, or other
advertising matter on any public or private grounds. No person or
persons may place or post any handbill, dodger, advertising papers,
or advertising devices on any automobiles, trees, or fences
standing upon the streets, alleys, or public grounds, and such
practices are hereby declared to be a nuisance. (Ref. 17-140 RS